Creator: Tasogare Frontier
Genre: Platformer

Happy 2010, everyone! I'm going to start off the year with a quick look at Tasogare Frontier's quaint Mega Man clone, MegaMari. It's a cute, well executed platformer, albeit the game is extremely difficult. This is also one of a handful of spinoff projects from the Touhou Project works of Team Shanghai Alice, hence while you'll quickly notice that MegaMari's characters are all from that universe.

In this particular game, players take control of Marisa Kirisame, who has managed to anger Patchouli Knowledge by constantly taking books from her library. As such, Patchouli has gone and hidden the books in a heavily defended castle. If Marisa wants to read any more of these tombs, she's going to have to bust her way in, fighting several tough bosses (also from the Touhou universe) along the way. She isn't going it alone, though, as Alice Margatoid is coming along to lend Marisa a hand.

The game plays exactly as a classic Mega Man title would, so anyone familiar with that series will be able to jump right in here. As I mentioned earlier, this game can be really tough, so players will need some patience here. While this is a platformer, MegaMari is still based on the same universe as a bunch of bullet hell shooters, so boss fights actually utilized these kinds of attacks quite often, filling the screen with bullets that players have to dodge while trying to beat a boss. It can be very difficult.

Nonetheless, MegaMari is a pretty fun little romp well worth tracking down.