Creators: Team Gris Gris
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Genre: Action Adventure

What a pretty game we have here. In the tradition of side-scrolling action adventure games like The Adventure of Link Team Gris Gris bring us Tetrabash. A fun little romp that has players hacking up monsters while hunting treasure and other assorted goodies.

Sporting very high production values that utilize cel shading the game has a nice, cartoony feel to it, and a somewhat cute vibe thanks to the use of bright colors, and very anime-inspired character design. At the same time, Tetrabash also sounds great with solid sound effects, and a nice, orchestral soundtrack that reminds me of some of Sqaure-Enix's action adventure outings like Brave Fencer Musashi and Threads of Fate (I was actually a bit surprised to see that Squeenix still has an official site up in English for Threads of Fate despite the game having been released almost a decade ago).

The action is all straightforward enough. Players control Tetrabash's protagonist, Radish Mercury, having him hack up various badguys while platforming around levels in search of treasure, and the occasion item that will either make him stronger, or unlock the areas to come. All the while he gains experience for defeating his foes, thus gaining levels, and getting a little stronger as he goes. The controls are very responsive, and Radish behaves quite well on-screen. About the only thing players will need to get used to is that whenever he swings his sword, Radish shuffles forward a tiny bit. So, if players aren't careful they may find themselves accidentally bumping into enemies and taking damage as they are fighting.

The story telling elements of the game are quite kanji-heavy, so a lot of people will have difficulty keeping up with the narrative in the game, but the action itself is easy enough to follow. If you want to give Tetrabash a try, Team Gris Gris has a short demo available for download on the game's official site. Grab it here and give it a shot.

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