Crucis Fatal + Fake

Creator: Light's
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Genre: Fighting

Crucis Fatal + Fake is the sequel to the Light's earlier doujin fighter, Fatal + Fake, all of which are based on the Fate/Stay Night franchise. As one might expect from a sequel, there are a lot of improvements in this new fighting game.

What's interesting about the setup for combat in Crucis is that players control a pair of characters where one is the master, and the other a servant. Normally players will just control the servant for the fights, where things take place in a typical manner for the genre, swinging away at their enemies, trying to pull off impressive combos and what not. As you might suspect, the masters are much more powerful characters that can do healing, and unload far greater damage, as well as taking the field should their servant be defeated. The twist here, though is that should a master be defeated at anytime it's a loss for that round no matter what. A big part of the fun is deciding how to pair servants and masters in the game as well as to find a combo that you're happy with, and there's quite a few of both to choose from.

Visually, the game looks great, just like the first game, with a nice cel shaded motif. The action is fast, and the graphics are able to keep up with it no problem. Like so many other games, this too has a demo available for download at the developer's site. You can snap it up over here if you like.

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