Ether Vapor

Creator: Edelweiss
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Genre: Shooter

Usually when someone makes a shoot 'em up one of the first things that they decide is whether they want it to be a horizontal or vertical scrolling one. In the case of Edelweiss' Ether Vapor, it seems that not only could they not make up their mind on this, but they even made a camera system that swoops between these and any other angle that they thought might be cool on the fly while progressing through a level.

This is by far the big standout feature in Ether Vapor. One minute the action will be as a vertical shooter, then suddenly it's a side-scroller, and then the camera may swing behind your ship for an over-the-shoulder perspective. It's a very cool function that makes for some really epic battles, especially during boss fights. On top of this, there are various weapon systems to lay around with, cool looking enemies, and gigantic bosses.

The game looks great, too. Besides the aforementioned awesome bosses and enemies, the environments are beautiful, and if you're even remotely interested in grandiose anime-inspired battles, Ether Vapor emulates them to a tee with massive laser blasts, launching huge swarms of missiles, and other equally over-the-top onslaughts of weaponry.

If you want to take a break from the more traditional bullet hell approach to shooters that has become so popular in recent years, this is definitely a game to check out if for no other reason than it's crazy camera system. It's certainly no gimmick, as the rest of what Ether Vapor has to offer is equally amazing. You can download the trial over here.

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