Hinokakera: The Fragments of Innocent Sinner

Creator: Reddish Region
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Genre: Fighting

Today's game that we're taking a look at is Reddish Region's (aka Akaishi Ryuuka) Hinokakera: The Fragments of Innocent Sinner, a 2.5D fighting game. It's an interesting potpourri of fighting game conventions all squished under one roof that actually work surprisingly well together. Taking place in a post-apocolyptic world, players will have eight characters to choose from (with a few more added in thanks to content updates that have trickled out since the game's initial release).

If you like fighting games with all sorts of gauges in it, then you'll probably love Hinokakera. The game has three of them: a guard gauge, break gauge, and an energy gauge. As you might expect, the guard gauge is for defense, and is depleted as a character is attacked while defending themselves. Once the gauge is completely used up, players can unload a guard crush on that character. The break gauge fills up over time, and is what you'll need topped up in order to use the most powerful attacks. Finally there is the energy gauge, which is more of a tug-of-war meter between the two characters fighting. As they inflict damage, and other special attacks they get more energy in their favor.

There is plenty of opportunity for massive combos and juggling in the game the way Hinokakera has its moves set up. Just about every character's move list practically invites players to try and pummel their opponents with one hit after the next. To counteract this, there are some interesting defensive measures in the game including the ability to sidestep attacks, and three different blocking methods.

Hinokakera is a fun little fighter that has been getting some nice, steady support since it first came out. Personally, I like the frenetic approach to the fighting in the game, and the aesthetic is quite nice as well. It's certainly an above average entry into the genre.

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